Psychological Injury Consultants of Calgary offers a range of services for psychological trauma and PTSD.


PTSD Assessment

Assessing the consequences of psychological trauma involves an interview to determine symptoms of posttraumatic stress and/or other psychological injury (e.g., depression, other anxiety problem, chronic pain that interferes with daily living). Psychological questionnaires and other tests are administered to assess psychological functioning across a variety of areas.


The type and length of an assessment can vary depending on the purpose of the assessment. For example, an assessment designed to determine whether someone might benefit from psychological treatment can be relatively brief compared to an assessment to determine the causes and consequences of psychological injury in disability claims or personal injury litigation.


PTSD Treatment

Psychological Injury Consultants provides evidence-based treatments for reducing of PTSD symptoms including prolonged exposure, EMDR, other cognitive and behavioural approaches, and combined treatments.


Disability and Personal Injury Claims

Psychological Injury Consultants provides services to lawyers and disability providers who represent their injured clients in psychological injury claims.


Complex Trauma Program

Repetitive experiences of psychological trauma over a long period of time can have long-lasting and more severe consequences than what is experienced in an isolated psychologically traumatic event. Complex or chronic traumatic stress can result in significant changes in a person’s beliefs, identity and behaviours.